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Vken is a Far Infra Red clothing brand distributed by MXB International in Malaysia and Indonesia. Far infrared clothing is made from special fibers that emit far infrared at a 94% effective rate in the beneficial 8-15 micron range. This energy is easily absorbed by the body and can have many potential benefits in order to achieve long term healthcare effect. Get your Vken Ultimate Energy products now!

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Kerteh, TERENGGANU - Kidin Sam 0176486196

Subang, SELANGOR - Zarina 0133278785

Putrajaya, WP - Harison 0132475128

Kuala Lumpur, WP - Noraina 0162386561

Parit Buntar, PERAK - Eija 0126152724

PENANG - Liza 0124092127

Sg Petani, KEDAH - Haryati 0124775050

Parit Raja, JOHOR - Razak 0177240366

Seremban, N SEMBILAN - Lenny 0173495380

Kuantan, PAHANG - Kak Nor 0199372340

Tawau, SABAH - Husni 0128186075

Miri, SARAWAK - Afiq 0142639322

About Us

Kidin Sam,

store owner

My name is Sutan Alahuddin and known throughout the social media as Kidin Sam. I am an independent distributor and e-mobile stokist for MXB International Trading Sdn Bhd (2008) that distributes the Vken products, Reborn cream, Spirulina Gaba drinks, i-Charge etc. I joined the company in 2013 and have seen many good testimonies from the clients.

I have also helped many people in Malaysia and Singapore to become business owners and really proud of their successes.

Feel free to contact me at +60176486196 or email kidinsam@gmail.com if you would like to enquire more about Vken products and business.